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March 9, 2005

First Post!


I am now writing what I hope will be the first of many postings to the new Our previous website was bland, utilitarian, and infrequently updated. I hope to take this website into a completely differnt direction. This will be both a promotional website about Mandragora Tango and a blog about Tango music in general.

There are lots of great tango websites (and a few blogs) out there, but most of them are about dancing. There are hundreds of band websites out there, too, but most of them have the same 5 pages: "who we are", "contact us", "links", "photo gallery" and "listen". We have all those pages here, too! I want to start a space where tango musicians can talk about and share the music.

I am crazy about sharing music. I've posted our band's leadsheets for almost as long as I've had the band: I've posted a number of our recording to the web as well. In the past few months, I've seen a lot of website where someone posts a huge collection os obscure music for the world to discover. For instance, is one guy's collection of rare Bossa Nova LPs and is a site devoted to an obscure belly-dance band leader. I wanted to do something similar for Tango. I have a lot of obscure tracks that I'd love to share. I hope to post a few tracks as MP3s every week.

I'll probably also post some news about the band and some stories of our giging lives. It probably won't be particularly racy or even all that interesting. I promise not to use this blog as a subsitute for therapy.

Posted by bbarnes at March 9, 2005 1:42 PM