March 2005

Monday 28 March

  • Mariana Avena (12:00) - Mariana Avena is another great Porteña tango singer. Somehow, I got on her email list and was notified of her new album. She has put about half of it on her website (English or Español), and it is pretty good.... | 1 Comments

Monday 21 March

  • Noelia Moncada (10:13) - Last week I got an Email from the Manager of Noelia Moncada, a fantastic Tango singer from Buenos Aires. She sang the role of María in the Long Beach Opera's production of "María de Buenos Aires" and recently won Clarín's... | 1 Comments

Monday 14 March

  • Sergent Garcia (12:38) - Sergent Garcia is a nearly unclassifiable French Salsa/Reggae/Reggeton band named after Zorro's fictional nemesis, Sgt. Garcia. A few years ago, my wife and I were in Montreal and we were in the basement of Archambault (One of the best music... | 2 Comments

Sunday 13 March

  • Richard Galliano (12:07) - My favorite living accordionist is, without a doubt, Richard Galliano. He is a Frenchman in his late 40s who has done for French Musette (a kind of swing waltz) what Astor Piazzolla did for Tango. Piazzolla encouraged Gallianno to take... | 2 Comments

Thursday 10 March

  • Nuevo Quinteto Real (15:01) - The Nuevo Quinteto Real are just about my favorite traditional tango group. They were founded in 1960 by Horacio Salgan and are still playing today (Salgan is in his late 80s). The other members are Ubaldo De Lío, guitar; Nestor... | 2 Comments

Wednesday 9 March

  • First Post! (13:42) - Greetings- I am now writing what I hope will be the first of many postings to the new Our previous website was bland, utilitarian, and infrequently updated. I hope to take this website into a completely differnt direction. This...