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March 10, 2005

Nuevo Quinteto Real

The Nuevo Quinteto Real are just about my favorite traditional tango group. They were founded in 1960 by Horacio Salgan and are still playing today (Salgan is in his late 80s). The other members are Ubaldo De Lío, guitar; Nestor Marconi, bandoneón; Oscar Giunta, double bass; and Hermes Peressini, violin; This instrumentation is the clasic tango quintet, also employed by Piazzolla and Rovira. I want Mandragora to sound like these guys, but I don't have their arrangments!

If you saw Carlos Saura's movie "Tango", you saw the quintet. They performed "A Fuego Lento" in the recording studio scene. Anyway, here are 5 danceable tracks: