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November 18, 2005

More Mandrágora Tango Orchestra on the Radio

The Mandrágora Tango Orchestra was featured on Minnesota Public Radio again today. They did a great news story on us, Tango music, and the Tango scene in the Twin Cities. You can hear the audio here. Bob and Christian do most of the talking, but there are interviews with our friends Connie Stack and Dan Larson.

They also produced a longer slideshow story of local tango dancers talking about why they love the dance. The pictures and interviews were done at the Loring Pasta Bar on Sunday, November 13 and feature Dan Larson, Connie Stack, Steve Lee, Brad Hokanson, Betsy Henderson, Serena Thompson and Burak Ozkosem. In addition, there are amazing pictures of nearly everone who was dancing that night. My only regret was that they filmed the night after a TSOM milonga, which is always a slow night for us.

The pictures were taken by Brooks Peterson who made the original images (and more) available on his website here and here.

Full disclosure: My day job is with Minnesota Public Radio. I work as a computer programmer with no editorial influence whatsoever. However, I did write the computer systems that move audio and webpages to our production systems. If you could not see or hear these pages, I would catch hell. I am almost as proud of my computer work for MPR as of the work for the Orchestra. But I still stick by my motto: I don't play the accordion at work and I don't play with computers at home!

Posted by bbarnes at November 18, 2005 11:42 AM


TEMPRONILLO by Bob Barnes on playlist of Buenos Aires Montreal Vice Versa on Radio Centre-Ville at 8 a.m. on 24 Feb 2006. Listen on internet at http://www.radiocentreville.com. Radio Tango du vendredi 24 février 2006 Cette semaine à votre émission de tango hebdomadaire, le 24 février prochain à 8 heure sur les ondes de Radio Centre-Ville 102,3 FM et simultanément sur internet à cette adresse: http://www.radiocentreville.com/ Votre animateur Christian Brander recçoit France-Claude Létourneau, tanguéra et psychologue qui a écrit un livre de psychologie pratique d`évolution personnelle intitulé "Je lève les voiles " et qui parlera des dimensions psychologiques de la pratique du tango dansé. Voici les références musicales de cette émission: MONTREAL BUENOS AIRES VICE VERSA Emission avec France-Claude Létourneau, psychologue Lundii matin le 27 février 2006 @ 2 hr AM une émission animée par Christian Brander Temps db Temps total 0:00:00 0:00:08 x Mi BS AS QUERIDO C. Gardel / Le PERA 0:00:09 0:00:34 Mi BS AS QUERIDO C. Gardel & Libedinski 0:02:31 0:04:13 TEMPRONILLO de Bob Barnes ( Mandragora tango Orquestra ) 0:10:59 0:02:54 EL FLETE de V. Greco ( Orq . D`Arienzo ) 0:19:14 0:02:34 x JUEVES R. Rossi & V. Toranzo ( Orq E. Rodriguez ) 0:27:40 0:02:14 De PURO GUAPO de E. Rodriguez ( Carla Pugliese ) 0:29:55 0:02:44 De PURO GUAPO de E. Rodriguez ( Orq P. Laurenz ) 0:38:27 0:02:50 BAHIA BLANCA de C. Di Sarli ( Orq C. Di Sarli ) 0:48:07 0:02:34 PULPERA DE SANTA LUCIA par Blomberg - Maciel ( Villasboas ) 0:51:28 0:02:27 YO NO SE QUE par F. Canaro ( M. Villasboas ) 0:53:56 0:06:03 cdn MOONTIDE de H. Lipski 0:29:15 Cette émission sera retransmise sur les ondes de Radio Centre-Ville dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi à 2 heures. Bonne écoute ! Daniel Saindon pour l`équipe de MTL BS AS VICE VERSA

Posted by: Mark Hammond at February 22, 2006 8:27 PM