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November 30, 2006

Contest to write Mandragora's Motto in 10 words or less!

I am about to make a long-overdue update to the Mandrágora Tango website and our promotional materials. As part of the process, we need to create a new "motto" or "10 word description" for the band. For a long time, I used "New American Tango", but that really didn't mean anything. I want something that a non-musician will understand and will be intrigued by. I want something that will grab the attention of a booking agent who knows nothing about tango but wants to hire a band to knock their socks off. Bookers and radio stations receive more promo packs than they can possibly listen to. We need to quickly describe ourselves up front to get our foot in the door. Then we'll let the music do the talking.

For this reason, I'm asking our fans for some help. You know our music sounds. You know how it makes you feel. Can you help me write the ultimate 5-to-10 word description of Mandrágora Tango?

The best suggestions win a CD of some of my favorite tangos or copy of our CD (if you don't already have a copy). I'll post the entries to the Mandragoratango.com website. I'll announce the winner at the TSOM milonga on December 9th.

If you are want to know more about what I am looking for or why I want it, you may want to read this link from the website of our CD distributor: (Just keep on clicking the "next" button untill you get bored)

Some words that come to my mind are "passionate", "sultry", "hot", "groove", "laid-back", "smoky", "lush", "classical", and possibly even "danceable". I'm sure you can think of others. Please avoid words like "crappy", "sloppy", and "out-of-tune". "Intoxicating" is OK, but "intoxicated" is not.

So send your best suggestion to info@mandragoratango.com or fill out a comment below. Let's get this contest started!


Here are all the entries so far

I originally thought these were some pretty good entries that someone mailed to me, but it turns out that they were just spam:

Posted by bbarnes at November 30, 2006 1:37 PM


Mandragora Tango: To listen or to dance? Both, if you dare. Mandragora Tango: Passion fatale. Mandragora Tango: Passion comes alive with tango.

Posted by: Ron Bacardi at November 30, 2006 3:17 PM

Entry: Mandragora Tango: Tantalizing to your heart, and 'soles'.

Posted by: Madame Yvonne at January 3, 2007 6:02 PM