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June 27, 2007

New Online-Only Mini-Album: "Mandragora Tango Live 2007"

We've taken some of the best tracks that we've recorded this spring and put together a little freebie album for you to enjoy. These are all live tracks recorded in April and May 2007. We'll probably re-record are few of these tracks in a studio sooner or later.

We're planing on our next CD release to be much more studio-oriented and to feature more original, danceable alt-tangos. So we've taken 13 of our best new tracks and made a little album to give away. 7 of these tracks have videos that you can view on YouTube. This is just like a real album, except that it's shorter and free. You can download all of Mandrágora Tango Live 2007 as a ZIP file or as a RAR file. You can also listen to it in a pop-up window

More about the Tracks

Last April, we performed for the cameras of Baby Blue Arts in a half-hour
concert taped for broadcast. We've posted all of those tunes to
YouTube and made the audio tracks available for
listening or download below.

After our east coast tour we played a "homecoming concert" at the Cedar Cultural Center that we recorded for posterity. Here are some tunes from that gig:

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