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January 15, 2008

A big, public "Thank You" from Mandragora to the Florencia, Surgit, the tango community and TSoM !

We would like to thank the Minneapolis tango community for coming out to see our concert on Saturday, Nauary 12 at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. We have always wanted to do a show with the lovely and talented Florenica Taccetti and we finally got our chance. She was fabulous, as usual! We got to know Somer Surgit (of Chicago) much better and were blown away by his graceful leading. He is one of the best leaders I've ever seen north of the Rio de la Plata! It was great to see them dance together. This show was our first "homegrown" tango show in the Twin Cities, and hopefully the first of many to come. About 60 people showed up for Rebbecca and Bruce's introductory lesson before the show. I love it when we can give people their first taste of tango.

Most of all, MandrĂ¡gora and I would like to thank all the dancers who came up on stage for our "La Cumparsita" finale. It was great to see how many tangueros came out to see us. On stage, there are bright lights shining on us so we can not see the audience. We had no idea how many people were there until the house lights came up.

PS: We finally found out why the audience laughed after we played Piazzolla's "Oblivion". After the final note and the applause faded away, Steve (who's last name I forgot, but he's usually seen with Sandi Uri) let out an audible sigh that got big laughs.

Posted by bbarnes at January 15, 2008 10:03 AM