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May 2, 2009

Pre-CD-Release Milonga

We are so grateful to all the tangueros and aficionados who support our work. You come out to hear us on Sundays and at TSOM milongas; you dance to our music; your input is important to us. You are our greatest strength and, because of your support, we are pushing to become a world-class tango band. We are approaching this recording project with a serious focus and a resolve to receive airplay in Buenos Aires and throughout the world. We want to put Minneapolis on the map as thriving center for tango in the United States..

A large part of this mission is to release a fresh, new recording that accurately reflects who we are and where we are going. A unique feature of this album is that it is for dancers and it will be structured in 7 tandas. We have 7 3-song tandas of Troilo, DiSarli, Pugliese, Guardia Vieja, Vals, Milongas and, yes, even some Piazzolla. Image from Giefferre's Flickr Photostream

We are holding a milonga on Saturday, May 2 from 9PM to 2AM at Zorongo Flamenco (3012 Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis: (Map)) Our Milonga will feature a mix of live tango and DJ’d selections by Paul Lohman. Mateo will make his famous sangria and Bob will make pretzels. A pleasant time is guaranteed for all!

Our recording is more than half finished. You can help us complete the project by attending this milonga ($10 suggested donation) or pre-purchasing the CD ($20). We are also selling “Super-fun-pak” tickets that get you into the pre-release milonga and the CD release party as well as get you a signed copy of the CD ($40). You can also help us by “buying” a tanda or becoming a sponsor. Talk to a band member for details or email info@mandragoratango.com.

-Bob, Laura, Mateo and Rahn

PS: You can listen to some of the songs in the following posting: "A Sneak Peek at our New CD"

Posted by bbarnes at May 2, 2009 9:48 AM