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May 14, 2010

Tango Groove Party

We are hosting a Tango Groove Party this Friday evening, starting at 8PM and going late. It will be held at Zorongo Studios, 3012 Minnehaha Ave, next door to Patrick's Cabaret.

Wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks will be provided. The admission cost is $15.00.

Eron Woods will be our guest drummer and Rachel la Mala will sing a few tangos. Singer Elina Ruppert and Violinist Sara Pajunen will join Bob Barnes on Accordion for some Finnish Tangos. We are expecting a few other guest musicians as well.

We will be playing some traditional tangos but mostly emphasizing the Tango Nuevo side of the genre. It will be great dance music and intriguing to listen to, we promise.

Please come early, stay late, help us celebrate Tango Nuevo in South Minneapolis!

Questions: feel free to call Mateo, 612-749-2662

Thank you, all, for your friendship, support, and consideration.

Posted by bbarnes at May 14, 2010 2:40 PM