To start the tour, Scott drove Bob's car from Mpls to Philly with all the sound equiptment. Laura and Tom Lewis (our substitute bassist for this tour) flew in. Bob rented a van in DC and everyone met at Rob Connaire's house in PHilly. The first stop was a bar.

Rob Connaire w/ Scott and Laura

Scott, Laura and Tom




Our first gig was in Northhampton, MA. Jackie Ling Wong has been trying to get us to her neck of the woods for a long time and we finally made it. The western MA tango community was ery hospitable and really knew how to have a good time.

On stage in Northhampton


Their garden

The view we woke up to after playing in Northhampton


Their house

We spent the night with a tango couple who had a fabulous house on top of a mountain overlooking Shelburne Falls (Home of Bill Cosby)

Downtown Shellburne Falls

Shellburne Falls



Mateo and Bob overlooking an overlook.

Next stop, the MOntain View STudio in Woodstock, NY. Ilene Marder invited us to play here. Bob met Ilene in BA in 2007.

Ilene teaches here. She's put togheter a really, really cool tango community. We had so much fun that the next few pictures are all a blur

Practicing in the Woodstock woods

Ilene and the band. We stayed at her pad and had a little tango brunch / mini milonga the next morning.

Ilene's pad.

Somehow, we stopped taking pictures at this point. We played in Philly, DC, Richmond, Allentown, and Bethelehem, but have no photos to show for it. We'll take more picures next time.