City of Faded Glory: this must have been beautiful in it's day.

Busses always get in the way of good shots

BsAs is called the “Paris of the South” for it's parisian architecture

All of the grandest buildings have corner turrets commanding impressive views.

A park in Recoletta, an upscale barrio that reminded me of NYC's upper east side

More Recoleta and more mansard roofs

BsAs is quite hot in summer and a balcony becomes an necessity

This was probabbly a handsome building before the marketers got to it.

In Retiro, near the train station, overlooking rail yards and the river Platte

A random churh near my firend's casa

Confiteria Ideal, one of the grandest tango salons in the city and an example of French Empires style.

The inner courtard of my friend's “casa chorizo”, so-called because the rooms snake around the patio like a sausage

A typical Argentine kitchen, except for the 5 pound jar of peanut butter I brought as a gift.

Most of my friend's house on the first floor, but you could climb outdoor stairs to a few more rooms

There is a patio on top with a sound-proofed percussion studio (not all Arggie houses have this!)

View from the patio

I took an overnight bus to visit my friend Max in Tucuman. Here is his “hacienda”

Max is climbing the roof to his deck that overlooks the city on one side and the foothills of the Andes on the other.

This is the state capital of Tucuman. It is decked out in the Arggie flag for thier national holiday.

Argentina declared their independance from Spain in this house. It's on their 50 cent piece.

Apartment buildings with ads on the side are surprisingly common.