The workshop of the sculptor Ragazzoni, the Porteno “Doctor Evermore”

An aligator guards the entrance to his workshop in a old train shed by the main station (Retiro)

Some sort of motorcar.

He really likes flying machines

Aerolineas Argentinas

A dinosaur bird. The condos behind are tall enough to have a view beyond the rail yards to the river Platte

Horses and oxen. Note that the base of the the Ox is part of an old kiosk (newspaper stand)

The entrance to the workshop. He was not home when I stopped by.

What appears to be a garbage pile is crwaling with giant ants. Note the high-end real estate behind.

Ants crawling up a billboard post

More ants

An iguana

My favorite: a dinousaur made out of adding machines.

I love the ironic use of source materials