“El obelisco” (the obelisk) is the symbol of BsAs. It was erected in the 1930s for some sort of centenial

“El obelisco” is in the middle of this city's 2 main drrags: “Avenida Corriented (the Broadway of BsAs) and “Avenida 9 de Julio” the worlds widest street at 20 or so lanes.

Here's a clue on how wide “9 de Julio” is. This park is the median.

Corrientes at night.

The ubiquitous “Radiotaxi”. At least 30% of the cars in BsAs are taxis. They all run on natural gas. There was a cold snap durring my stay (including the first snow in 90 years) and they had to ration the gas for houses and you couldn't get a cab.

The streets in the center are narrow and one way. The sideways are barely wide enough for two people to pass. They are also in horrible share and randomly flecked with dogshit

Motorcycle courries parkes in front of a bank. These guys are nuts. They lane-split and cross sidewalk to fight the traffic.

My class was in teh “National Academy of Tango“ on “Avenida 25 de Mayo”, a street of elegant building form the turn of the previous century. I didn't get a picture of the academy. This is 5 blocks West.

Corrientes at night, withthe Obelisk at my back.

A fancy flower vendor in the upscale neighborhood of Recoletta.

BsAs is quite hot in summer and a balcony becomes an necessity

Mid-rise canyon in Recoleta.

Only in BsAs. The Argentine Communist Party headquarters right next door to Pierre Cardin.

A typical street scene. A jumble of buildings and levels. When I took a bus out of the city, I was surprised at how long the city went on with mid-rise buildings and city blocks completely built over with no yards. You have to remember that BsAs is only slightly smaller than NYC.

FAncy high rises in Retiro.

I have no idea what this is, but it's cool. All the busses are pimped out like this, so I think it has to do with the bus system.

The eastern view from Mark's house

The western view from Mark's house

“Esquina de Tango”: San Jan and Boedo. Troilo and Manzi's tango “Sur” starts with the names of these streets. Right now, the intersection boasts 3 tango clubs and a bank.

The Ford Falcon is Argentina's favorite car. I just love this picutre. Streets are rarely this vacant.