The “A” line is the oldest subway in Aouth America

The original wooden subways cars are still in service (some have been replaced, though)

Coming into Peru station

The Peru station was disused for many years. When they restored it, they left up the 1930s advertizements.

A non functioning scale and an old cigarette ad.

The old style ticket booth. Notice the new computerized turnstiles with the green lights.

There are funky tiles and murals all over the subway.

Is this a mosque or the E line?

The ubiquitous “Radiotaxi”. At least 30% of the cars in BsAs are taxis. They all run on natural gas. There was a cold snap durring my stay (including the first snow in 90 years) and they had to ration the gas for houses and you couldn't get a cab.

The Ford Falcon is Argentina's favorite car. I just love this picutre. Streets are rarely this vacant.

The Belgrano Train Staion

Inside the Retiro station

More Retiro

The outside plaza.

The rail museum was closed, but I got a picture of this locomotive for my 3-year-old who is crazy for trains.

I have no idea what this is, but it's cool. All the busses are pimped out like this, so I think it has to do with the bus system.

Adolescent Humor Alert: In Arggie slang, “Hacer un Paja” means “to masterbate” and a “pajero” means a wanker. Instead of saying “Dear Passenger: works under constuction, proceed with caution”, it says “Dear Jerk-off”.